How do you balance eating healthy, staying fit, maintaining a lifestyle, and living within your means?  I found that paleo is the one philosophy that intertwines these often disparate areas of your life into a cohesive plan that can be easy, delicious, and fun!  Come join me as we:

  • Reprogram our bodies to burn fat with less exercise and ample food choices;

  • Eliminate "diets" and "calorie counting" for more sustained results, and;

  • Live more holistically, simply, and happy!

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Cathy P.

"I highly recommend Ryan as a health coach! He has helped me not just lose 10 lbs in 30 days, but I feel so much better, and have so much more energy! It's not a diet, it's all about living a healthier life style!"
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The Primal Blueprint food pyramid focuses on enjoying real, quality foods that taste delicious. This includes bacon, butter, dark chocolate, and wine! Just no processed foods, which are high in carbs and chemically altered fats, which causes havoc to our bodies through chronic insulin production, which leads to inflammation and fat storage. This leads to an undesirable feedback loop, where people experience increased appetite and increased reliance on processed carbs to perpetuate the cycle of high carb intake/high insulin production.


The Primal Blueprint fitness pyramid promotes the use of stored energy instead of ingested calories, which enhances insulin sensitivity and improves fat burning. This approach speeds up body fat reduction and promotes growth and preservation of lean muscle tissue. Said another way, this is an intuitive fitness program that won't hurt, require Herculean effort or a large time commitment. We are talking about two weight trainings per week, one sprinting session every 7-10 days, and lots of low-intensity movement.



Quality of Life in Modern Age


Quality of Life on Primal Blueprint

Primal Lifestyle

LIVE LONG. DROP DEAD. The goal of the Primal Blueprint is to experience a high quality of life throughout our years and avoid the steady decline of aging caused by a sedentary lifestyle. We are living longer as a species thanks to modern medicine, but what is the point of living longer if our quality of living keeps us from doing what makes us happy? Lifestyle is what brings the entire program together. We need to slow life down and focus on what's important. We cannot live the lifestyle we crave without taking care of our sleep, stress, relationships and self-fulfillment.

Standard American Diet


Did you know that...

We need to reset our bodies to factory default settings, back to the way they evolved to run after thousands of years of evolution. We can all honor our primal genes, reduce chronic diseases and become fat burning beasts!


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