My Story

Hi! I'm Ryan.  I've always considered myself a relatively healthy and active person.  I played sports growing up and ate moderately healthy (for a 20-something guy).  However, I didn't feel happy with my relationship with food and exercise.  I was what they called "skinny fat."  I looked skinny and healthy, but had a belly I couldn't rid of and lacked energy, especially after meals.  As any guy in that situation, I turned toward exercise to solve my problems.  I did a lot of strength-based workouts, cardio, and even struggled through several rounds of the P90X workout regiment.  I tried races as motivation, including Urbanathalons, Tough Mudder, and a half-marathon, all to try obtain a body composition that I could never achieve. I saw some results, but these workouts took up so much time and energy.  Combine that with my consulting profession, traveling to clients, and working long hours, I was constantly burned out.


In 2013 I spoke with a co-worker about my struggles and she introduced me to a blog called Mark's Daily Apple; something about cavemen and staying away from carbs.  I was unsure, but the more I read, the more things started to make sense.  I started small.  I began to cut out carbs like cereal in the morning or pasta for dinner.  I found out that I didn't have to feel heavy, bloated, or lethargic after eating.  I could actually feel good!  The better I felt, the more I read to see what else this "paleo" thing was about.  Soon I was eating 80-90% paleo and exercising the "paleo" way.  No more P90X for me.  I learned that workouts and fitness should be fun, which led me to "play" activities like America Ninja Warrior gyms and biking to work everyday. Eventually, paleo began to be a way of life.  I was incorporating yoga, setting a screen curfew, and reducing stress (thanks to apps like Headspace).  I was feeling better than ever, seeing results, and actually spending less time exercising and thinking about food!


Naturally, people started to ask me about my Paleo habits.  "How come you're eating a burger without the bun?" "You deleted Facebook?" "Mayonnaise is NOT healthy!" "Eating all that grass fed beef is too expensive."  I realized there were so many assumptions out there about health. Assumptions that I used to share, but wanted to be able to explain so I could help others feel as good as I did.  In January 2017 I committed to becoming a Primal Health Coach™ to further my own education and dedicate myself to helping others. To kick-off my education, I did a 21 Day Transformation Challenge to see if I could prove the results of my approach, even for someone who was already living 80-90% paleo. I was incredibly encouraged to see the additional benefits I was able to obtain in just 3 weeks.


Why is this so important to me?

Part of the reason I became a health coach is to align my life even closer to the Primal Blueprint. Sitting at a desk job every day and working rigid hours is not aligned with the primal teachings. Creating this business is a important step towards reaching my ideal Primal Blueprint. As a bonus, I get the incredible side effect of helping others experience the same success and happiness I've achieved. 

Before & After

21 Day Transformation Challenge (Jan 2017)