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About Me

Hi! I'm Ryan.  Before I started Paleo, I'd always considered myself a relatively healthy and active person, but I didn't feel happy with my relationship with food and exercise.  I looked thin and healthy, but had a belly I couldn't rid of and lacked energy, especially after meals.  At first, I turned toward exercise to solve my problems, which took up a ton of time.  Combine that with working long hours, and I was constantly burned out.

In 2013 I spoke with a co-worker about my struggles, and she introduced me to Paleo via a blog called "Mark's Daily Apple." I was unsure about it at first, but the more I read, the more things started to make sense.  I started small.  I began to cut out carbs like cereal in the morning or pasta for dinner.  I found out that I didn't have to feel heavy, bloated, or lethargic after eating.  I could feel good!  

Ryan Feldt

The better I felt, the more I read.  Soon I was eating 80-90% Paleo and exercising the Paleo way, which means that workouts could be fun!  No more hours in the gym!


Eventually, Paleo began to be a way of life.  In addition to changing my diet and exercise routines, I started incorporating yoga, setting a screen curfew, and reducing stress with meditation apps.  I was feeling better than ever, seeing results, and finally spending less time exercising and thinking about food!


Naturally, people started to ask me about my Paleo habits.  I realized that I wanted to help others feel as good as I did.  In January 2017 I committed to becoming a Primal Health Coach™ to further my education and dedicate myself to helping others. To kick things off, I did a 21 Day Transformation Challenge to see if I could prove the results of my approach. I was incredibly encouraged to see the additional benefits I was able to obtain in just three weeks.


I love the opportunity to help people change their lives and experience the same happiness and fulfillment that I have with this program. If you're ready to start the journey towards a better quality of life in every way, let's talk!

Before 21 Day Transformation Challenge
Before Paleo
Before Paleo 2
After Paleo
After Paleo 2
After 21 Day Transformation Challenge

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Cooking & Meal Planning
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