Conventional Wisdom vs. Primal Blueprint

The Primal Blueprint provides guidance on many areas of life that often conflict with so called 'Conventional Wisdom' (CW), which are ideas or concepts generally accepted in society but not necessarily based in fact. These ideas are taken at face value without really knowing how that conclusion was made, who came to the conclusion, or why.

I find that when we dig into these ideas in search of the truth, we often uncover facts that are not widely known or shared due to mismatched incentives. For example, many people still don't recognize the negative effects associated with sugar, that it is basically a highly addictive drug, and is directly correlated with the obesity epidemic. This is partly due to the Food and Beverage industries downplaying the role, stating that sugar is a natural substance and provides quick energy.

Upton Sinclair once said, 'It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.'

This seems intuitive, right?

Who would you trust more to give you medical advice? A doctor or a pharmaceutical rep?

Who would you trust more to tell you how many carbs to eat? An article written by a self-employed nutritionist or a study sponsored by General Mills?

Who would you trust to provide sensible exercise recommendations? A blog post from the makers of the Gazelle Glider or a personal trainer who trains clients independently?

It's not that CW is inherently bad, it is just often out of touch with reality. For example, CW used to say that smoking wasn't harmful, with a doctor's stamp of approval! We've obviously progressed since then and today’s CW shifted to the modern interpretation. However, there are still many areas where CW is still behind the times and isn't in touch with the most recent findings, or in the case of paleo, ancient truths.

I'd like to provide some general differences between the Primal Blueprint and Conventional Wisdom, which can, hopefully, clear up some of the mismatches of information. I believe the folks behind the Primal Blueprint have their incentives more aligned with our health, as they are not backed by big pharma, big agra, big anything...

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Finally, I believe it's helpful to provide specific examples or case studies to prove something. So, here are some success stories from Mark's Daily Apple (Mark Sisson's blog, founder of The Primal Blueprint) talking about CW, its limitations and their success once they tried something different:

I Will Never Go Back to the Broken Conventional Wisdom of My Past

Goodbye Conventional Wisdom and Chronic Pain

From the Strain of Conventional Wisdom to the Effortless Results of Primal

Which Conventional Wisdoms are you now second guessing or are you still not convinced? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section or via email!

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