The Foundations for a Healthy Life

I have a confession. I am a HGTV fanatic and spend too much time watching other people buy, build or remodel their houses. If there is one thing I’ve learned after watching Property Brothers, Fixer Upper, Grand Designs, etc. it is that homeowners have amazing ambition and want to build a house that is truly their home, but they don’t always take the time to build a blueprint or cohesive plan.

They end up trying to project manage, design, demo, and construct all on limited time, money and sleep. The obvious outcome is they become overwhelmed, stressed, and the overall project suffers. That’s where the Property Brothers come in and save the day!

Now you might be thinking, what does this have to do with paleo? When I first heard about the Primal Blueprint, the first thing that struck me was the name. A blueprint, or design plan, is a concept that makes intuitive sense to me.

Ask yourself this question, would you build a house without a tried and true blueprint? Of course not! So why would you design your life without one? It would be the equivalent of building your dream single family home, room by room, without setting a foundation with exacting measurements. How do you think that house would look at the end? Would it be sturdy and long lasting? Would it be aesthetically pleasing or constant? Probably not...

Getting back to our lifestyle, why do we go through the pain of trying to do it all (lose weight, workout more, be healthier) without a plan or knowledge on how? I think we are driven by our initial excitement and adrenaline for making a lifestyle change. Our hearts are in the right place, but we don’t think through the necessary steps for how to truly make a long lasting behavior change.

Want to step it up at the gym? Great, how is that going to exist in harmony with your work schedule, kids, ‘me’ time, and family commitments?

Want to ‘detox’ from junk food and stabilize your energy? Amazing idea, but how does your body actually detox? What new foods or ingredients should you stock in your pantry to make this a sustainable change vs. just a two-week binge on expensive fruit juice?

The Primal Blueprint is the one strategy I encountered that truly tackles all aspects of life in a simple, holistic, and easy to design approach. Many programs focus solely on nutrition, or fitness, or stress management, but I wanted something that tackled these areas together!

I want to help people take the time to lay strong foundations and find long-term stability and success. Let’s build a plan together that improves your physique, but doesn’t take all your time or leave you exhausted at the end of the day. Let’s build a plan that improves your nutrition, but doesn’t taste boring or bland or break the bank.

The key for me is the simplicity - you can base the answers to all these questions back to what our ancestors have done over millennia and what is the most optimal approach for our genetic makeup. We need to learn how to turn up the volume on the right inputs (e.g. nature, whole foods, human connections) and turn down the volume on the wrong inputs (e.g. processed foods, digital distractions, sedentary lifestyle).

The best part is, once you learn to listen to your body, it will automatically tell you when you are adjusting the dials properly! There is a reason why you feel calm and relaxed after a stroll in nature, why it feels amazing to bask in the sunlight, or why you feel energized after engaging in face-to-face conversation.

Let’s construct the optimal blueprint for our best life and create new habits that unleash our true potential!

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