Why I Started Paleo is Possible

It probably starts with a question that I continually revert back to: Why do we over-complicate life?

With so much information out there, surely, we’d have figured out how to solve all our health problems by now, right? Unfortunately, the abundance of information usually has the opposite effect and causes analysis paralysis. This leads to questions like, which diet is the best? How much sugar should I eat? How can eating fat be healthy? Will lifting weights make me look bulky? What makes something a superfood? Who should I trust?

I want to prove that it is possible to find simple ways to dramatically improve the overall quality of your life and it doesn’t have to be hard or disruptive to your life.

Everything I read and everything I learn about health, nutrition, and happiness leads me back to the concepts of simplicity, minimalism, and less is more. The problem is, with all the noise and distractions out there, this is incredibly easy to overlook and we stop doing what makes sense – listening to what our bodies are telling us about what makes us feel good. I argue that the best way to live our lives is determined by how well we can listen to our bodies. This is what living paleo has done for me. Yes, I believe in the science behind it. (If I didn’t, I would make for a terrible paleo coach!) But more than that, this lifestyle has helped me cut the noise and be in tune with what makes me and my body feel good. And when I feel good I know I am being healthy.

I am not immune to the noise, clutter, and over-stimulation. I consumed books, articles, blogs, podcasts and completed a 16-module certification program to learn everything I could about a paleo lifestyle. I’ve had the idea of starting my own coaching business for about a year, but each time I started to write down my thoughts, I would find a reason not to. The questions that plague everyone about “Is this the right thing for me?” or “Can I be successful?” were the noise that clouded my head and my thoughts. That ends today. I am practicing what I preach and going back to the simplicity of what my body says is right for me. Coaching and helping others realize this simplicity and being in tune with their bodies feels right for me.

Today I begin a new journey as a Primal Health Coach and I could not be more excited to begin this new adventure! I want to help people change their relationships with food, exercise, technology, money, and happiness to be in tune with what really makes them feel better and healthier. People exhaust time and energy on these aspects of life and oftentimes get stuck because there is just so much out there and it seems complicated. I believe all areas of life are interconnected and can live in harmony, and that living the Primal Blueprint is a simple approach to achieving that harmony. That doesn't mean it will be easy, anything worthwhile never is, but once you are able to form new habits and cut the noise it will be extremely liberating.

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