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Live Healthy, Be Happy!

Ready to stop dieting and start focusing on what really matters?  These programs are designed to guide you towards a healthier, stronger, happier you!  The first step is to schedule a pre-enrollment call so that we can decide if working together is mutually beneficial and determine which program would best suit your life and your goals.

All services include regular in person or by phone check-ins with your coach, as well as assignments to work on in between sessions.  Coaching assistance is available to you by email and text so that you'll always feel supported throughout the program.

Ryan Feldt

The 12-Week Transformation Package

For lasting results and a permanent lifestyle change, the 12-week Transformation Package focuses on the three main pillars of the Primal Blueprint:





This intensive and comprehensive program will show you how to eliminate the unhealthy food and lifestyle habits in exchange for a new way of living that will transform you into a more energetic, happier, and healthier fat-burning machine! 


Your Transformation Package will be tailored to meet your specific strengths, weaknesses and individual goals.  Together, we'll address the areas where you want to improve the most and work towards eliminating the blocks that have been holding you back.  We'll focus on building positive new habits and accountability so that you'll take everything you've learned with you as you transition out of the program. 



The program kicks off with an intake form which covers your current challenges, concerns, goals, and roadblocks.  We'll discuss your current habits to determine a baseline for several aspects of your life, including food intake, meal timing, emotional health, sleep habits, body weight and more.  That way, we'll track progress and celebrate improvements together.   Not all goals are tied to objective measures like weight. Recording levels of mood, energy, and emotional health are extremely important!


Here is how we'll break down the different aspects in the program:

Nutrition: 3-4 weeks

Lifestyle: 2-3 weeks

Fitness: 2-3 weeks

Recap & Advanced Tactics: 1-2 weeks


In addition, you'll receive all of the resources below to ensure that you'll have all the tools you need for success:

  • Copies of The Primal Blueprint and The Primal Connection by Mark Sisson

  • Unlimited Text and Email Support 

  • Nutrition Tracking & Analysis

  • Personalized Fitness Program

  • Pantry Cleanout and Restock

  • In Person Cooking Lesson at Your Home

I truly believe that nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle are interconnected, so focusing on only one independently is never as effective as a comprehensive approach.

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